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Acoustic T-bar Ceilings in Medicine Hat to Dress Up Your Home or Office

With modern spaces coming to life and promoting open-concept spaces for communication and collaboration, they also increase one main challenge in noise. Having good acoustics is just as important as the look, feel and function of a space. Therefore, it very important to choose the right sound absorption ceiling material for your space. Patterson Bros Drywall supplies and installs acoustic ceilings in Medicine Hat, Southeastern Alberta & Southwestern Saskatchewan to dress up any room in your home or office. Acoustic ceiling tiles are inexpensive and simple to install, making them a great option for covering an unsightly ceiling. The tiles are made of fibrous, sound-absorbing materials such as wood, cork, or foam. Today, there are many styles, colors, and design choices available. We use lasers to level and perfect grid lines – we put the same professional quality into both home renovations and large commercial projects. Combine our services and save money rather than using multiple contractors! Call, text or email us today to get more information about our acoustic ceiling installation services.


Acoustic T-bar Ceiling Installation for home or Office

Acoustic tiles play an important role in many commercial spaces as they assist in reducing resonance and noise reverberation. Daily noise in an office comprises of various interruptions and distractions like discussions between co-workers, meetings, phones, email alerts and even personal notifications buzzing on one’s desk. All these noises can cause distractions and have an impact on productivity. In such scenarios, acoustic tiles play a vital role. It will assist you in focusing on the task by lessening the intensity of such surrounding disturbances. We can help you create a successful and sound environment by installing acoustic ceilings at your home or office. This will help you achieve many benefits for both staff and companies, thus creating a sustainable workplace.

The key to our long term success is our talented and dedicated staff who strives to produce exceptional outcomes. For more information about our acoustic ceiling installation services in Medicine Hat, get in touch with us. Go through our testimonials to see how happy our customers are with are various services.


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