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Installing Batt Insulation and Vapour Barriers in Medicine Hat

Batt insulation is one of the most common products used to insulate walls, attics, ceilings and more. Batt insulation is easy to install, inexpensive, readily available in a wide variety of sizes, and it’s an excellent insulator. Fiberglass insulation has fine, woven glass fibers that are lightly compressed and cut into long rolls or batts. Rock wool insulation, which also comes in the form of easy-to-install batts, is made from volcanic rock. Rock wool is easier to cut and handle because it is stiffer than fiberglass. It is also more fireproof and water repellent. Patterson Bros Drywall supplies and installs traditional fiberglass batt insulation, Roxul® rock wool batt insulation, and professional vapour barriers in Medicine Hat. We fit our batts perfectly with no gaps or excess compression, and we also use canned foam around windows and doors. Contact us today for more information – we book insulation inspections with the city.


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