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5 Steps to Help Prepare Your Attic for Better Insulation

Your attic can boost property value, offer more storage space, and provide extra living space. It can also protect you and your things from several outdoor elements.

Like the other rooms in your house, it needs proper insulation. And for this reason, you must learn when to replace a damaged or outdated attic insulation system.

Upgrading your attic's insulation system helps you enjoy a more energy-efficient property, ensure interior comfort, and improve indoor air quality.

However, preparing your attic for better insulation beforehand saves time and money. Our team put together five tips to help prepare your attic for improved insulation.

1. Clear Out Your Attic of Things

Like other significant home improvement projects, you must always ensure a clean slate in your attic to prepare it for its improved insulation properly. A clean and dry attic can also help your contractors install the new insulation properly. Otherwise, you could create an environment perfect for mould and mildew growth.

You can ensure a clean and dry slate by relocating all furniture, boxes, and other items stored in the attic. Only replace them after your contractors install your new insulation.

2. Clean the Attic Thoroughly

Most attics have a terrible reputation for being cold and lonely. Your attic is prone to water or fire damage and the perfect breeding ground for nasty pests, especially if you have an old home. It's also prone to dust and debris build-up since nobody uses it as much as the other rooms.

Before adding new insulation to your attic, you must conduct a deep cleaning in your space. You can contact your local attic cleaning services to help repair water and smoke damage, eliminate pests, and remove all mould and mildew growth signs.

3. Call the Professionals

Like other home components, your attic's insulation will eventually break down, and most old systems have fibreglass and toxic materials. While opting for a DIY can help you save money, we don't recommend it because this process can be time-consuming and dangerous.

For this reason, it's always best to ask attic removal professionals to remove your outdated insulation. They have the right experience and training to accomplish the task correctly while protecting your home.

You must also ensure they take the necessary precautions, such as using the latest equipment to clean your home and adequate safety gear. To avoid cross-contamination, you must also observe if they seal and tape off perimeter areas.

Otherwise, you'll put yourself and your family at risk of inhaling fibreglass, mildew, or leftover smoke and carcinogens. These can be hazardous, especially for people with sensitive respiratory systems.

4. Make the Necessary Repairs

After removing the old attic insulation, it's the ideal time to call the right professionals to inspect your roof and attic.

You can ensure your attic's new and more effective insulation by asking a home energy audit professional to check if you need to clean, replace, or repair your HVAC ducts. It's also best to call your local plumber and electricians to resolve leaks, outdated plumbing or wiring, or electrical issues. Moreover, homeowners must contact licensed contractors to address all potential structural problems.

5. Seal the Leaks

Lastly, whether you'll DIY this crucial step or call professionals, you must seal all the leaks to prepare your attic for its new insulation system and mitigate heat gain and loss during extreme weather conditions. These areas include the roofing and windows.

When preparing your attic for better insulation, it's also best to pair air sealing with adequate ventilation to ensure healthy airflow.

Revamping a Neglected Space

Your attic will inevitably wear out and gather dust because it's your home's defence against the elements. Knowing when and how to prepare it for better attic insulation allows you to enjoy a more energy-efficient home and ensure better indoor air quality.

If you need help with your new attic insulation project in Medicine Hat, we can help. Patterson Bros Drywall has taken pride in quality work since 1973. Our qualified and experienced team can help ensure a more efficient home. Contact us now!


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