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6 Obvious Signs Your Home Needs an Urgent Drywall Repair

Drywall is a durable and easy-to-install construction material builders use to create walls and ceilings. Responsible homeowners want their houses to look polished, from the floors to the walls and ceilings. However, those areas will eventually deteriorate due to drywall damage. Not repairing the issue can escalate to more severe problems, such as structural damage.

While drywall is easy to repair or replace, performing the work yourself can be stressful, especially if you're inexperienced. Here are six signs you need to call your contractor for an urgent drywall repair:

1. Popping Nails or Screws

The first warning sign to get drywall repair is when you notice popping nails or screws. Most homeowners would know that protruding screws or nails can be a significant problem for their home's drywall. It happens because the house could be settling, causing them to shift, or your previous contractor didn't correctly attach them to a joint or stud.

The studs may also twist or shift if the moisture in your house's drywall dries up. Your local contractor can repair the popping nails on your drywall by removing them from the wall and replacing them with drywall screws.

2. Holes in the Wall

Besides being unsightly, a hole in your drywall can indicate your wall needs an urgent repair. Drywall contractors strongly recommend fixing it immediately to avoid any further damage.

While the hole in your drywall is a common sign of damage, its size varies widely; it can be as small as a nail or as gaping as a cabinet accidentally going through it. You can repair the hole in your drywall by asking your local contractor to patch it immediately.

3. Water Damage

We also strongly recommend repairing your drywall when you spot water damage to prevent mould growth and further structural damage.

Leaking pipes from your plumbing system can damage your drywall as the moisture weakens its durability. Likewise, moisture in your drywall can cause other problems, such as cracks or loose joint tape. However, it's crucial to remember that the amount of water seeping into your drywall will determine the severity of the damage.

For example, you can quickly fix a small leak by wiping the affected area and drying it with a fan. On the other hand, more significant problems like flooding can cause more harm and warrant a call for your contractor.

4. Cracks in the Wall

Like holes in the wall, ignoring cracks in your drywall can also lead to more severe damage and more expensive mistakes.

Your drywall may be more vulnerable to cracking if your previous contractor didn't install it properly. Temperature fluctuations and house settling are two main culprits of occurring cracks. They also usually occur anywhere with a seam, such as corners, doors, windows, and ceilings.

Depending on the depth, your contractor will have suitable materials and techniques to repair your drywall.

5. Tears

Removing items from your walls, such as mirrors, tiles, or wallpapers, can cause tears in your drywall. While it may not lead to structural damage, it can damage your home's aesthetic appeal. Professionals can repair your drywall by sanding and patching it to make it look brand new.

6. Peeling Paint

The finish on your drywall may eventually flake away because of improper installation, age, or water damage. Consulting a professional to inspect the area can help you prevent more damage. Neglecting this issue may eventually result in more costly mistakes.

Patching up the Holes

Identifying when your drywall needs an urgent repair can help preserve your house's overall aesthetic and prevent expensive mistakes in the future.

Do you need a drywall repair for your property in Medicine Hat? Patterson Bros Drywall takes pride in quality work. We have a team of qualified and experienced workers to ensure a safer and more durable home. Contact us now!


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